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DWT Recruitment

It was important for DWT Recruitment to have strong branding that would set them apart from the competition. With a lot of different brands and styles in the recruitment industry, they wanted to ensure their assets would work effectively on recruitment sites as well as make them stand out from their competitors. They wanted a logo that was modern, fresh and relevant to their industry, as well as eye-catching and memorable.

Following a recommendation from another client, Method Training, they contacted us to help. From the first conversation we had with the client, it was clear they didn’t just want a quick logo knocked up on the cheap. They wanted a unique and custom brand that was going to be the face of their new business. The client had a feel for the type of brand identity they wanted and some key colours they wanted to use. We took those initial desires and presented a number of concept designs.

The first step was to get a feel for the company and what they wanted their brand identity, logo design & website content strategy. We had an initial meeting with them where we discussed all of these things in detail so that by this point there were no surprises or questions left unanswered – it’s important not only when designing but also during our process.

After getting a better idea for what they were looking at in terms of colours, fonts etc., then we presented them with some initial concepts based on those thoughts – taking into consideration any feedback or comments from previous conversations too  - before slowly whittling down to the final couple of designs that would work best.

Once the client had chosen their final design concept we went to work creating all the guidelines, templates and designs to a high standard.

We created all branding materials including logo creation; email template development & guidelines for document production (which included mockups) so when DWT Recruitment finally launched its new identity everything looked great straight away. It’s been really rewarding working closely alongside such passionate people who want to invest quality time and effort into creating a new business and the process of creating this new brand from scratch was a real delight.

The client was really pleased with the end products presented and we were really happy with the outcome too. We hope to work with DWT Recruitment again in the future.

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Thoughts and Things is a mindfulness company, similar to our other client, Rachel Ashcroft Mindfulness. In fact, the owners are friends. So our challenge here was to create a uniquely different look from Rachel Ashcroft Mindfulness while still enabling the use of colours, fonts and imagery that best served the mindful experience expected by the client base.
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The key was to make sure Rachel’s clients saw the website as an extension of her services. A mindful calming experience from start to finish. So we designed a website that is clean, professional and easy to use.
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