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Thoughts and Things

Thoughts and Things is a mindfulness company, similar to our other client, Rachel Ashcroft Mindfulness. In fact, the owners are friends. So our challenge here was to create a uniquely different look from Rachel Ashcroft Mindfulness while still enabling the use of colours, fonts and imagery that best served the mindful experience expected by the client base.
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Thoughts and Things was the second mindfulness company we worked with. We were hired to create both the brand name, branding and logos and then create a website to complement the business. We also created various social media assets and even video intro for the brand to use digitally.

After a deep dive discovery session with the client, Aaron, his love of astronomy shone through, so we suggested using this as a base theme for the branding of the company. Combining his passion for the stars with his passion for helping others through mindfulness. His favourite colour was also purple, so we worked to incorporate this heavily into the design of the brand and subsequent website.

We researched complementary colours, ensuring that the hues and styles used blended harmoniously with the key colours the client wanted to be included, while also still maintaining the essence of the desired experience of those interacting with the brand - calming, mindful, peaceful and clear.

What resulted was an astronomy-themed mindfulness brand that reflected the clients loves and passions while delivering the desired experience for those interacting with Thoughts and Things, both on their website, social media and even while drinking tea!

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It was important for DWT Recruitment to have strong branding that would set them apart from the competition. With a lot of different brands and styles in the recruitment industry, they wanted to ensure their assets would work effectively on recruitment sites as well as make them stand out from their competitors. They wanted a logo that was modern, fresh and relevant to their industry, as well as eye-catching and memorable.
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The key was to make sure Rachel’s clients saw the website as an extension of her services. A mindful calming experience from start to finish. So we designed a website that is clean, professional and easy to use.
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