Pay Monthly Web Design Packages

Quality bespoke web design on affordable monthly plans to help your business grow.
Are you a start-up or small business looking for affordable web design services? Ready Steady Geek offers flexible and affordable pay monthly web design packages that spread the costs of building your website over 12 months, making them more affordable for start-ups and small businesses. So you can focus on what matters most, your business.

Want quality, custom web design where you can spread the cost?

Ready Steady Geek offers flexible and affordable pay monthly web design packages that spread the costs of building your website over 12 months, making them more affordable for start-ups and small businesses. So you can focus on what matters most, your business.

There are no hidden fees. Your domain, hosting and maintenance are included in the monthly costs and after you've paid for the base cost of your site, it's yours for life.

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Why pay monthly?

Getting your business online is vital to the success of most businesses, but quality web design can be outside the budgets of many start-ups and small businesses.

At Ready Steady Geek, we offer 2 pay monthly web design packages that require a small deposit, then spread the cost of your designing and building your website, your domain, website maintenance and hosting over 12 months. Making it much more affordable.

After 12 months, you just pay hosting and maintenance costs as normal and your website is yours for life.

Sound interesting? Read on to see the packages we have available.

Our pay monthly web design packages


Our Ready package is great for start-ups, small businesses and bloggers looking for a simple but high-quality bespoke website designed especially for them.

The Ready package includes everything you need for your new site including web design, development and building of your website, basic on-page SEO (search engine optimisation), domain registration for 1 year, hosting for 1 year and maintenance included in the price.

At only £59.99 a month, it's an affordable way to get your business online with no extra or hidden costs.

After you've paid for your core website costs, you just pay for your domain, hosting and maintenance as you would do normally, typically this works out around £18.99 a month for most customers.

from £59


The 'Geek' package is our highest-tier pay monthly web design service. The Geek package was designed for small and medium enterprises who require a bigger or more sophisticated website, as well as simple e-commerce sites.

The Geek package costs £99.99 a month and comes with all of the perks of our Ready plan, but allows us to build and design a site for you that would be worth around £1200, while spreading the cost out over 12 months.

As with our Ready package, you pay a small deposit upfront then pay your core web design and development costs over 12 months. The Geek package also includes upgraded hosting, so is ideal for larger sites or sites where high visitor numbers are expected.

from £99.99

What's included

WordPress CMS
We build all our website on WordPress, this is an open source platform used by nearly 43% of all websites on the Internet. It also means your site is yours for life.
All our packages include a standard domain, such as or .com for your first year.
Your monthly cost includes hosting your website on one of our great value hosting packages.

Upgrades are available for customers with additional needs. 
Brand Research
Our discovery sessions help us get to know you and your business, as well as your competitors, so we can create something beautiful and unique.
We have a robust revisions and approval process to ensure that you're getting to see your site as it develops and can feedback any changes.
Updates, security and maintenance
We include our basic Care Plan maintenance package as part of your monthly cost. This ensures your site stays updated, secure, includes regular backups and keeps it in tip top condition.
We include basic one page SEO (search engine optimisation) for your site to help get you ranked on search engines like Google and Bing.
Bespoke Design
Your website is built totally from scratch, no templates, no shortcuts. Just quality professional web design
No set limits
We don't set limits on the number of pages or features your site can have on our packages. Instead, we work on an approximate budget and work with you to include as much as you need within that budget.

So what's the catch?

There is no catch! We've designed our pay monthly packages to be the most affordable way for start-ups and small businesses to get quality websites, without having to pay full prices upfront.

Our pay monthly website designs are truly bespoke and a great way to get the benefits of a pay monthly service, similar to Wix or Squarespace, but with a much higher level of quality, bespoke design and development, and unlike other pay monthly services, once your agreement is complete, your website is yours for life.

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Looking for a more tailored website design or features?

Check out our premium web design services, ideal for those with specific needs, larger websites or e-commerce businesses.
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